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First Boat Dive!!!

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A boat dive has it’s challenges, but also has it’s rewards. We literally jumped in to this trip not knowing what to expect boat diving.  It was an amazing experience meeting new people and most of all diving on our own in search of “hidden treasures.”  Now, we are not talking the kind of treasures you would expect with pirates and thieves, but it did provide the historical treasures of sunken vessels, automobiles, towns, etc.  It was a historical treasure like none we had ever seen before.

We are the perfect pair of dive buddies. This boat diving trip it would be put to the test.  We started off on our boat dive trip in search of caves and wall diving, but struck out.  It wasn’t until our next dive we would be in search of a underwater playground.  It took us some time to locate it, but we finally found it.  Up next, a sunken boat from the 1980’s.  We were the first ones off the dive platform and quickly discovered the sunken boat, we became the search and recover “go-to” team.  Everytime we jumped off the platform first, we located the hidden treasure for the rest of the boat dive group and became legends.

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